September 15, 2016

A Simple Hack to Keep Your Tablecloth On Your Table

tablecloth hack

This is one of the tables that I dream of. But who am I kidding? I have three little kids. Most of the time our tablecloth was falling off.

Here is one simple thing I did to keep my tablecloths from sliding off my table. I love pretty dining room tables. Over the years I have collected many gorgeous tablecloths and decorations that I love using to adorn my table. It is so fun for me to decorate and make everything look really nice.

And then my second favorite part comes in; inviting family and friends over and feeding them lots of great food.

My table decorations had to change a bit after having three little boys.  My boys are man’s men. They are rough and tough and like very boy things. This is all good and I love them so much. I am a true believer now that mothers of little boys earn a special place in heaven, but I digress . . .

Little boys don’t go great with well-decorated dining room tables. Like not at all!

That being said with all of the abuse that my table takes right now, I want to make sure that I protect it until they grow up and I can go back to one of my favorite hobbies, table decorating and entertaining.

As a simple compromise, I try to find inexpensive table clothes that will protect my table and at the same time not care if they get ruined. So I did that and then I found I had another unexpected problem.

Tablecloths don’t stay on the table when you have little boys! They get pulled off constantly.

Here are two pictures of the state of my tablecloths before I figured out a simple little hack to keep them in place.

messy tablecloth

Our tablecloths get pulled constantly in all directions!

tablecloth hack

Messy once again!

I am very excited that I found a very simple way to keep my tablecloths in place.

Ideally, you need a sewing machine to do this. However, it doesn’t really require that much sewing so you could do it by hand. It will just take a little bit longer.

This hack is easy to do and it keeps me from going crazy trying to keep a tablecloth on my table. Here is a pictorial story of what I did.

Tablecloth Hack

I bought this tablecloth from Target. It came wrapped shut with an extra piece of fabric which is what I used to do what I show you below.


tablecloth hack hold it in place

I added a piece of fabric about 10 inches long at each corner. If you don’t have extra fabric that came with your tablecloth then you can use a matching ribbon. As my table is a rectangle I sewed it on at 12 inches in on the length side and 16 inches in on the width side. I decided where to sew them on by putting the tablecloth on the table and then pinching the table cloth together at the corner to see where the best placement would be. I did all the measurements the same for all four corners to make sure the tablecloth lays right.


tablecloth hack to keep tablecloth on.

After you sew on all the ribbons, put the tablecloth on the table and tie them together.


Tablecloth hack.

This is how it will look if you just knot it. If you do not want it to show then make sure you make them long enough so you can tie it into a bow so it won’t hang down.


Tablecloth hack.

Here it is tied with a bowtie.


Keep your tablecloth in place.

With the bowtie, nothing will hang down.


Hack to keep your tablecloth on.

Now the tablecloth will stay in place and not slide off.

Now when we sit at the table it stays in place and doesn’t fall off. Let me know what you think and if you have any other solutions to solve this problem.  


I'm a stay home, homeschooling mommy of three little boys. One of my goals it to normalize natural living to bring us closer to mother earth.

Jane - September 16, 2016

Love it! So simple.

Erica - September 18, 2016

Love this idea!!! Brings me back to tablecloths at Grandma’s house!!!!

Inger @ Art of Natural Liivng - November 3, 2016

Now that my kids are older, it’s the cats knocking off my tablecloths! Great idea!

    ModernMommy - November 3, 2016

    LOL! My cat does that too! I think he thinks that is fun.

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