March 18, 2017

Kelly Kettle: Awesome for Emergencies and Camping

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As a modern hippie mommy, one of my responsibilities is to make sure that our family has what we need to survive in an emergency. 

That’s why I was so excited to discover the Kelly Kettle Ultimate Stainless Steel Large Base Camp Kit. With this piece of equipment, I feel prepared if disaster strikes. And as an added bonus for a family who enjoys camping, I also have a cook stove that is light and easy to carry around.

Below you will find a video review of the Kelly Kettle where I get it out and show you how easy it is for you to use.

There is also a table of contents listed below that outlines some of the most pressing questions you might have about the Kelly Kettle. You can read the entire article or you can skip to a section that interests you the most.


Video Review of the Kelly Kettle Ultimate Base Camp

This review will give you many reasons to buy the Kelly Kettle Ultimate Base Camp to make sure you are prepared during an emergency to cook food and boil water. And don’t forget it is a great cook stove for your fun camping trips.

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What are the top reasons to buy a Kelly Kettle?

  1. When an emergency strikes you have an outdoor stove to easily feed yourself and your family. It is the perfect “stove in a bag”. All of the parts can fit into the bag that comes with the kit. This is very important when you are trying to put together a survival or disaster kit.
  2. You can easily boil water for sanitation. Boiling water is a preferred method over chemical treatments. The Base Camp kettle boiled my water in about 6 minutes.
  3. There is no need to store fuel. Any natural material can be used for fuel like dry twigs, grass, bark, or pinecones. These are things you can find anywhere urban or rural. In my video, I use bark that I found in my backyard. Not having to carry around a bag of charcoal seemed really great to me.
  4. It is small and compact and thus easy to carry around. You can easily put it in a backpack. Saving space and weight is really important when you have a family. The packed dimensions are 7.7 x 7.7 x 13.75” and it only weighs 5 pounds! Click here if you want to learn about exactly what you should include in a survival kit and how to make one.
  5. The ultimate base camp kit is a great camping accessory. It comes with 2 plates and 2 cups, a cook set with a pot and lid which also doubles as a frypan, grate, and griper. All of it fits neatly into the provided bag.
  6. If you have a large family and need more cups or plates you can buy extra separately.
  7. You don’t need any batteries.
  8. It’s available in three sizes in both stainless steel and aluminum.

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What does the Kelly Kettle look like?

Kelly Kettle Ultimate Base Camp Kit

This review covers the specifications for the Ultimate Base Camp Kit which is their largest model. I think this is the one that is the most ideal for family camping and survival kits as it holds the most amount of water.

The Base Camp kettle holds 6.75 cups of water. There is a chimney in the middle. The water is held in a doubled-walled water chamber. The handle is made of wood. The hobo stove creates a camp stove fueled with natural fuel. Use the pot support to cook on top. The lid is also a frying pan. The 2 cups have handles that are silicone coated & come with a CooLip guard. The plates can be used also as bowls or frying pans. There is a grate for grilling and a removable pot gripper.

It also comes in a smaller size called the Trekker and a medium size called the Scout. The Trekker boils 2.5 cups of water in about 3 minutes. The Scout can boil 5 cups of water in about the same amount of time.

Trekker, Scout, Base Camp

What comes with the Ultimate Base Camp Kit?

  • The Kettle. It holds 6.75 cups of water. It is 7.28” in diameter. 13” tall when packed. It weighs 2.55 pounds in stainless steel and 1.8 pounds in aluminum.
  • Cook set. You will find a pot and lid. The lid doubles as a frying pan. It also includes a grate for grilling and a gripper which is a removable handle for the pot and lid. This is important as you only put the gripper on when you are ready to put the lid or frying pan on the fire. You remove the gripper so it stays cool. This way you also avoid carrying hot pads around with you. You can make noodles, rice, oatmeal, eggs and even re-hydrate food. The cook set is also dishwasher safe.
  • Pot Support. This is an ingenious accessory that allows you to boil water in the kettle and cook food on top of the kettle at the same time. This accessory flattens so it is easy to pack.
  • Hobo Stove. This accessory transforms the fire base into a wood fired camp stove. As the fuel is in the base it is safe from elements and this makes it work well in all weather conditions. All you need to do is place the Hobo onto the firebase with the hole away from the wind. And you can cook with any sized pot or pan. In my video I used my Lodge Cast Iron to make sausages.
  • Firebase. This is the piece that holds the burning natural fuel.
  • Plate/Bowl Set. These are plates that also double as bowls. They are dishwasher safe. They are 7.75 x 1.18 inches big.
  • Stainless Steel Cup Sets. Included in the kit you will find two stainless steel camping cups, one is 350 ml and the second holds 500 ml. They come with silicone coated folding handles so you don’t burn your hands. They also come with a removable CooLip guard to protect your lips from getting burned with hot drinks. They can be used as cups, bowls, or cook pots as well. I also love that they have measurements on the inside so I can leave my measuring cups at home. These are also dishwasher safe.
  • Travel Bag. This is probably the best feature of the Kelly Kettle as all of the above-mentioned parts neatly fit into this bag. It is compact, light, and easy to carry around.

kelly kettle ultimate base camp kit

How easy is it to boil water?

kelly kettle ultimate base camp kit

It is very easy to boil water in your Kelly Kettle. You just need the firebase and the kettle. Pack the firebase with as much natural fuel as you can find. Place the full kettle on top of the base. Light the fire through the whole on the side of the firebase.

It takes about 6 minutes to boil water. This might not sound so grand if you are boiling water in your kitchen on your stove, but if you have ever tried to boil water over a campfire you know that this is very fast.

It heats water so quickly because of the double-walled water chamber in the kettle itself. The middle of the kettle acts like a chimney like with a rocket stove.

Once you have the fire going in the base you can also add fuel into the top of the kettle’s chimney. This allows you to heat the water from the bottom of the kettle as well as the side walls on the interior of the kettle.

Do not put the orange plug on while you are heating the water.

How do you boil water and cook something at the same time?

kelly kettle ultimate base camp kit

It is very easy to boil water and cook something in a pan on top of the kettle. You will need the firebase, the kettle, pot support, and a pot that comes with the kit or your own pan.

  1. Start out by packing the base with which ever kind of natural fuel that you have around here.
  2. Fill the Kelly Kettle up with water. Make sure it is all the way full. If it is partially full you risk burning your kelly kettle.
  3. Light the base.
  4. Place the kettle on top of the base.
  5. Add the pot support to the top of the kettle.
  6. Now you are ready to cook on top of the kettle.

How do you use the hobo stove?

kelly kettle hobo stove ultimate base camp kit

The hobo stove is great in an emergency or for camping. All you need to do is set up the firebase and place the Hobo Stove directly on top. This allows you to easily cook your meals.

Can you use the Kelly Kettle in bad weather?

It really is ideal in all weather conditions and that is why it is so important to have it in an emergency or for camping. The fire is enclosed in the firebase and thus it is protected from rain and wind.

Why I choose stainless steel over aluminum?

In my opinion, stainless steel is the healthier choice for cooking. Aluminum can more easily degrade and leach into the food. This is particularly true for salty foods like tomato sauce or sauerkraut unless the cookware has been anodized. Stainless steel is thus a more nonreactive surface for cooking. It is also heavier and lasts longer.

What is the warranty on the Kelly Kettle?

The Kelly Kettle comes with a two-year limited warranty that protects you from defects and materials and workmanship if used properly and with normal use specified in the Operating manual. It does not cover damage or defects created by improper use, abuse, misuse, etc and deterioration due to water or other liquids, sand, insects or acts of God.

The warranty does not apply to parts that are subject to wear and tear from normal use including the stopper, chain, handle and the fire base which may burn out over time.

The warranty is void if the Kelly Kettle has been tampered with, disassembled, repaired, changed, altered or modified by anyone who has not been authorized to make repairs.

The purchaser is responsible for all shipping costs.

The warranty only applies to the original purchaser and is not transferrable.

Within 10 days of your purchase if you find that you are not satisfied with its workmanship they will replace it.

Please see the official two-year limited warranty from Kelly Kettle for full details.

Can you use the kettle without water in the chamber?

No! When you heat water you want to make sure that the kettle is filled all the way. If it is only partially full you risk overheating the kettle and melting it.

How do I clean the Kettle?

You do not need to clean the inner chamber of the chimney. In fact, as it is used over a fire it would be difficult to get it completely clean and it is not necessary to do so.

You can clean the water chamber with warm soapy water.

Where are the kettles made?

The aluminum kettles are made in the U.S. and China. All of the stainless steel products are made in China.

The head office is in Ireland.

What is the history of the Kelly Kettle?

The use of the Kelly Kettle goes back to the 1890s on the West Coast of Ireland by anglers who used it to boil water for fresh tea. Today the Kelly Kettle is sold in the United States, Canada, UK, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Germany, Zambia, and Australia. You can read more about the company here.

In a nutshell, why do you recommend the Kelly Kettle?

1.The Kelly Kettle is easy to use.

2. You can boil water quickly.

3. You can cook just about anything that you would cook at home.

4. You can use your own pots and pans or the ones that are provided. It comes with 2 plates and 2 cups.

5. It uses natural fuel.

6. It is very easy to carry around.

All told I am glad that I have it for emergencies and camping.

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