August 15, 2016

A Centrifugal Juicer Worth Considering: The Breville Juice Fountain Elite

If you’re looking for an incredibly well-featured centrifugal juicer that’ll help you make the most delicious and nutritious juices, then the Breville Juice Fountain Elite should be on your list of favorites.

This juicer comes with a patented juicing system that extracts the maximum nutrients and transfers less than 1.8 F heat in the process. Here’s a complete scoop on its features, pros, and cons.

I’ve had this juicer since 2011 and have used it to juice many yummy fresh drinks for myself and my family. Overall I like it because it is easy to clean and it looks good on the counter top.

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What are its specs? 

This Breville is loaded with a series of useful features. The juicer is driven by 1000 watts and it comes with two-speed controls that let you moderate the flow of the juice. The speed controls range between 13,000 RPM (high) and 6,500 RPM (low).

This feature is extremely important when it comes to getting the most juice out of your fruits and vegetables. The higher RPM is for very hard vegetables like carrots and apples. The lower RPM is to get more juice out of softer vegetables like greens.

The design of this juicer is also equally stunning and perfect and looks great on your countertop. It comes with a die-cast steel housing along with stainless steel micro mesh filter basket to spin out the pulp. The cutting disk is titanium plated.

There is a 3-inch circular feed tube in this juicer that accommodates both fruits and vegetables.

Breville Juice Fountain Elite

You can see from this photo that I can juice an entire apple without chopping it up first.

It comes with a pulp container, a juicing pitcher that separates the froth from the juice, a cleaning brush, and a manual recipe book that helps you come up with the most delectable juices.

Each of the juicer parts is dishwasher safe. Personally, I have never put mine in the dishwasher because it takes up a lot of room and I want to clean it thoroughly and immediately after each use. If I am going to bother rinsing it out I might as well just finish washing it.

The overload protection feature of the centrifugal juicer prevents it from overheating. It automatically shuts down the machine when it gets the slightest sensation of getting overloaded.

It also only produces less than 1.8 F heat during the juicing process. This is very important to raw foodies and those who are concerned with how a centrifugal juicer might damage micronutrients in the juice due to any heat caused by the spinning of the juicer. Most other centrifugal juicers get warmer than this.

The materials that come in contact with the food are BPA free. This was very important to me as we are trying to eliminate as much plastic as possible. The problem with juicers, in general, is that is very hard to find one without any plastic materials at all.

Additionally, the product is also equipped with locking arm bolts that ensure a snug fit in the locking arm of the juicer. A safety feature like this was very important to me as I have little kids.

It is 17 x 11 x 20 inches and weighs 14.6 pounds.

How easy is it to clean this juicer?

Cleaning this juicer is also simple with the cleaning brush that comes with it. All parts except the nutria disc and the food pusher can go on the first shelf of the dishwasher.

Breville Juice Fountain Elite

This is all of the parts of my juicer in my sink. You will see that leafy greens like kale break down into hundreds of little pieces. This is why you need to clean it right away.

As with all juicers, you should not let it sit around very long after you use it. This only causes the fiber of the fruits and vegetables to dry up and stick like glue. If you clean it right away this is not a problem.

What do people like about this juicer?

This juicer is highly rated on Amazon.

Most people love it because of the easy functions and the series of useful features it comes with. The juicer’s design allows you to juice both fruits and vegetables flawlessly and easily. Because of its power, you can juice whole pieces and eliminate chopping.

As I mentioned it before I have had it for over three years. It has never broke and always worked flawlessly. Its stainless steel body also looks good on my countertops.

It comes with dual speed control.

Duel Speed Control Breville Juice Fountain Elite

According to the reviews on Amazon, a large number of customers find this juicer useful because it comes with a dual speed control. While the low speed helps in extracting juice from soft fruits and vegetables, the high speed is specifically meant for the harder fruits. 

Its design includes an extra wide feed chute.

Breville Juice Fountain Elite

It is further viable for most users as it comes with an extra-wide feed chute that typically juices large fruits and vegetables with absolutely little or no cutting. The central feed system is also useful for extracting maximum juice.

It’s easy to assemble.

People love this juicer because it is easy to assemble.  It’ll only take you a couple of minutes to get the entire thing ready.

It is a high-quality machine.

The device also comes with a nutri disc that has titanium reinforced cutting blades ensuring that the blades are sharper for a longer period of time. The stainless steel mesh filter further aids in spinning out the pulp from the fruits. Being formulated from die cast materials, this juicer is both well-designed and incredibly useful.


Please excuse that mine is not shiny and new looking. We use this juicer daily. Mine is currently 5 years old.

Customers love the large capacity of the pulp container. 

This container is designed to hold large pulps of multiple fruits and veggies, flawlessly. I like to line the pulp container with a plastic bag. After making my juice I can easily clean the pulp container by throwing away the plastic bag full of pulp.

Breville Juice Fountain EliteBreville Juice Fountain Elite

The 1-liter juice jug separates the froth from the juice. 

One downside if you don’t like froth is that the spinning process pulverizes the fruits and vegetables and thus produces froth. That’s why the juice jug’s design to separate the two is so important.

If you don’t like froth then I don’t recommend a centrifugal juicer like this. Check out masticating juicers in this other article that I wrote to juice with machines that don’t create froth.

Another great feature of this juicer is the cord storage. 

It wraps around the feet of the machine and clips into a perfect position. This reduces your countertop footprint and most importantly, keeps an annoying cord out of the way.

It has multiple safety features.

The safety locking arm further prevents the juicer from operating even without the cover in its place. There is an additional feature that prevents the device from getting overheated and the easy clean up ensures that the product is spick and span with the least possible effort.

Breville Juice Fountain Elite

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What are the cons of this juicer?

Some say its hard to clean.

Most reviews on Amazon are positive. The only real con reported is regarding how easy the machine is to clean. There is disagreement on this. Most are satisfied with the ease of cleaning, but there is also another group who feel that the cleanup could be better and more convenient.

I’ll be frank, no matter how you cut it, juicing is extra work. And if this turns you off, then you probably won’t like cleaning any juicer. Once you are familiar with all the components and learn how it fits together it is easy to clean up.

If you don’t like froth, then this juicer, or probably any centrifugal juicer is not for you.

The spinning process and the teeth will create froth. The juice jug helps to separate it, but it’s not perfect. If you absolutely hate froth in your juice, then you should get a masticating juicer. Click here for a few options.

How does the Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite work? 

This juicer comes with the easiest and simplest set of functions. Using and operating it is no big hassle at all. Additionally, it is easy to assemble the machine and put it to use. All you need to do is put your fruits and veggies in the chute and set it to your preferred speed. 

The juicing system comes with a specialized feed chute that centers on a shredding disc. The fruits and vegetables enter through the feed chute and then land on the ultra sharp titanium cutting disk. It is a simple system that boasts an ability to extract up to 30% more juice and 40% more vitamins and minerals than other juicers.



Photo of the shredding disk.

This juicer has two different speeds, one for hard ingredients and the other for soft fruits and vegetables and greens.  When you juice with a variety of different ingredients that have different textures, it is better to begin with the soft textured ones on low speed and then change the speed to high for the harder textured ones.

If you are planning to juice herbs, sprouts or leafy green veggies you will extract more juice if you wrap them together in a bundle to juice them. Make sure you juice these kinds of ingredients on low speed. Compacting them together will help extract the most amount of juice.

The extra wide chute is pretty handy for feeding whole apples, carrots, tomatoes, and peeled oranges into the chute. This will save you a lot of time and effort. If you are like me with three little boys constantly at my side this makes a huge difference as I am easily distracted!

What are its safety features?

This juicer also includes a series of safety features that ensures that the juice extracted is perfectly nutritious and safe.

  • The materials that come in contact with your fruits and veggies are BPA free.
  • There is also an overload protection feature that prevents any kind of overheating. It automatically shuts the juicer off when overloaded.
  • Additionally, the safety locking arm of the juicer prevents it from operating without the cover in proper place.

What is its warranty?

This juicer is covered by a one-year limited warranty from the date you purchase it.

In my opinion, this is not that great. That being said I have had mine for three years with no issues.

There is a link to the user manual and warranty on Amazon.


Well, considering these viable features and innumerable benefits you won’t regret splurging on this juicer.

I also recommend purchasing the highest quality you can afford. The Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite is definitely among the highest quality centrifugal juicers.

The design, structure and features of the product will truly live up to your expectations. Go for it.

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