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December 20, 2016

#SB18 Puts California Children At Risk

Stop #SB18

Most California parents are unaware of senator Richard Pan’s new bill that will seriously undermine parental rights.  On its surface, SB18, or the Bill of Rights for Children and Youth in California enumerates a list of rights for children.  A casual reading could lead one to think this bill is harmless and even beneficial, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Continue reading

September 16, 2016

To co-sleep or not co-sleep? That is the question!

Sleeping newborn co-sleeping

If you are a new parent one of the biggest questions probably on your mind is where is the baby going to sleep. And if you start asking around for opinions, you will quickly find that it can be a hot topic.

In fact, there doesn’t seem to be much neutrality as most people tend to be adamantly for or against it.

Both sides feel their opinions are best and well researched. Continue reading