January 14, 2017

CA Assemblyman Trying to Crack Down on Fake News Just Created Fake News Himself

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Don’t be fooled “The Fake News Act of 2017” is fake!

On January 11, 2017, California Assembly Member Gomez introduced a new bill called AB155 Pupil instruction: civic online reasoning. He calls it the “Fake News Act of 2017”.

The bill proposes to add curriculum to California public schools to teach students how to decipher between “real” and “fake” news.

Ironically Gomez just did an interview with Tucker Carlson on Friday, January 13th, 2017 where he stated “we’re not mandating, under my bill AB155, that they have to incorporate civic online reasoning  . . . the school districts have a choice if they want to implement it or not”.

Wait .  .  . Mr. Gomez, did you read the bill that you wrote? It states:

This bill would require the Instrutional Quality Commission to develop, and the state board to adopt, revised curriculum standards and frameworks for English lanuage arts, mathematics, history , social science, and science that incorporate civic online reasoning . . .”

If the bill requires this new curriculum to be developed and adopted, how is it not mandated?

Looks to me Mr. Gomez like you just created “fake” news! You state on Fox news something very different than what is written in your bill #AB155.

This can be construed as a bit deceptive on your part. Are you counting on the public to not do their homework as you suggest and just believe what you say? Are you hoping this will get you more support?

I think you should take your own advice and read what your bill states and then report that accurately.

Otherwise, it’s intentional deception.

And for those of you who want to check my sources here they are.

In this news video, Tucker Carlson brings up many good points and definitely put Mr. Gomez on the spot. Gomez’s statement that his new curriculum will not be required is at about the last minute of the video.

Click here to read the entire bill. You will notice that his new curriculum would, in fact, be mandated.

Click here to read my other article on this subject. 




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