Modern Hippie Mommy

Welcome to my blog, Modern Hippie Mommy.

My name is Elizabeth and I call myself a Modern Hippie Mommy.

What does this mean exactly? Well, I guess it all started because others started calling me a hippie because of my lifestyle choices that are not yet mainstream in America.

Here are a few of them:

  • I insist on buying organic and non-GMO foods for my family.
  • I home birthed two times. And had a completely natural birth with my third in a hospital with a midwife in attendance instead of a OB-GYN.
  • I baby wear and co-sleep.
  • I make whole food, fresh meals daily for my family.
  • I homeschool.
  • I always try natural methods of healing before modern medicine.
  • I meditate.
  • I practice attachment parenting and/or gentle parenting.
  • I am growing some of my own food and hope to grow more.
  • Generally speaking, I opt out of mainstream activities like watching lots of TV.
  • I try every day to practice a sustainable lifestyle and I am looking for more ways to do this.
  • I believe we are here for a divine purpose.
  • I believe in abundance and that we should be happy.
  • I believe in freedom and democracy.
  • I believe that we can make a difference in the world by starting with ourselves and leading by example.

So because of all of these things, I got labeled a “hippie”. Which to me is a bit odd because when I think of “hippie” I think of smoking pot and singing campfire songs – two things that I definitely don’t do.

Instead of rejecting the label I thought about how I could embrace it. And that was how Modern Hippie Mommy was born!

Like a hippie from the 70s, I want a more simple life. I think we should take care of our planet. One of my biggest goals is to raise my kids more naturally. However, I consider myself more modern because I am not running around in hippie clothing. I like to wear makeup and look pretty and feminine. And I think many of the things that I strive to accomplish are now being incorporated into a more mainstream way of living.

So if you are reading this, maybe you see yourself as a Modern Hippie Mommy. Or maybe you don’t, but you do some or all of the same things that I do. Perhaps this is all new to you or you are just curious about one or two things on the list.

In all of these cases, I hope that you will find what I write to be useful and interesting.

And if there is anything that I can write about that will help you lead a great life, let me know!

You will notice that I write product reviews. All of the products that I write about I believe are useful tools in a Modern Hippie Mommy lifestyle. I earn a commission when you click on a link and purchase them on Amazon. If you find the information helpful I hope you will do this. It helps me support my family and this blog.

Also if you are interesting in being a guest blogger please contact me at Articles that embrace some aspect of a Modern Hippie lifestyle will be considered.